Board of Directors

What does your Board of Directors do?

Our Directors set the strategic direction for Access Credit Union. Directors meet regularly throughout the year to critically review and approve Credit Union policies. They also hire the CEO, who is accountable to the Board. Together, they provide leadership to ensure the day-to-day business conducted by Access Credit Union reflects the values on which the credit union was founded, all in the interest of serving you and your community.

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Meet the Board of Directors

  Curt Letkeman, Chair
  Region: East
  Term: 2017-2020

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Curt has been with Friesens, one of North America’s premier book manufacturers for over 30 years working in IT, Credit Management and Accounting before taking his current role as Chief Financial Officer in 2006. He obtained his Certified Management Accounting degree in 1997 and was valedictorian of the graduating class. Curt has been involved with coaching and officiating kids sports in Altona for 25 years. He’s served on the boards of the Oakview Golf Club, Altona Minor Hockey and Baseball, and Seeds Community Church where he’s involved as Treasurer and Youth Leader.

Having participated on the Altona and now Access Credit Union board for almost 20 years, Curt has served as chairs of Audit and Community Investment committees as well as presiding as both vice-chair and presently chair of the board. Curt believes that Access Credit Union makes the lives of its members, communities and employees better, and would like to continue giving leadership to the organization.

Curt brings strong financial and accounting experience to the Board. He values the teamwork, respect and concern for members and communities that Access exhibits. As director, he has worked hard to support management and staff to provide leadership that enhances the lives of members, employees and communities.

  Cheryl Dueck, Vice Chair
  Region: At-Large
  Term: 2015-2018

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Over the last 37 years, Cheryl has lived with her farming husband in the Lowe Farm, Horndean, and Altona areas and is an avid supporter of Coops and Credit Unions with memberships at four Coops and three credit unions during that time. Supporting her family and church is an important priority for Cheryl and she was glad to serve on her church council as Treasurer for several years.

While teaching in Border Land School Division, Cheryl assisted high school students across BLSD to gain work experience in communities from Altona to Sprague. Through this work, Cheryl enjoyed developing strong connections with businesses, schools, and students across Southeastern Manitoba. Cheryl's work life in Southern Manitoba began at Friesens Corp., where she held a variety of positions including Customer Service Coordinator. After completing her Bachelors of Education and a Certificate in Management, Cheryl moved into the teaching profession after 15 years at Friesens.

With her experience of teaching Grade 11 and 12 accounting, as well as Regional Purchasing Manager for the Central Health Authority, Cheryl feels she has the business and life experience to help her make thoughtful and informed decisions for the members of Access Credit Union. Cheryl is very thankful and proud to have this excellent opportunity to serve her friends and family, and all members, as a director. After joining Access Credit Union Board of Directors in 2015, Cheryl enrolled in the Credit Union Institute of Canada and completed her Accredited Canadian Credit Union Director certification in June 2017. This certification is recognized across Canada and attests to Cheryl’s commitment to stay informed on board governance issues.

Cheryl would like to let Access Credit Union members know that she feels the board members and management team continually strive to create value for their employees and members and to protect the integrity of the business, which is stronger because of its regional footprint.

  David Bueckert
  Region: Central
  Term: 2017-2020

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David has worked in the agricultural industry as co-owner and manager of Bueckert Farms since 1979. Growing up on a dairy, grain and beef farm, he took on more progressive responsibilities including management until owning the farm in partnership. His farm had received several milk quality awards until the dairy was sold in 2010.

David has served on his local church board since 2012 having overseen maintenance as well as being involved in the missions committee. He has been a Sunday school teacher for 16 years and his family was involved in the construction and maintenance of the first ice rink and shack in their community many years ago.

David has been a member of the credit union for most of his life and would like to support and uphold the values of its members. He believes in being financially responsible, values honesty and integrity as well as doing your best to respect others.

  Sandra Doell
  Region: East
  Term: 2015-2018

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Sandra began her professional life as a journalist, working for newspapers in Thompson, Manitoba. After earning her B.A. at Winnipeg Bible College, she returned to journalism, working in television and radio.

She worked as a media relations consultant for the Government of Canada before joining the public service as a Communications Officer. Over more than a decade with the federal government, Sandra worked in Regina, Winnipeg and Ottawa administering grants for Canadians, becoming a specialist in workplace well-being and honing her skills as a public relations generalist.

Sandra has a keen interest in life-long learning and she is proud of the emphasis on Continuing Education among the staff at Access. She is grateful for the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors, and to help ensure the success of our members and communities.

  Ben Dueck
  Region: East
  Term: 2016-2019

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Ben is a long-time member of the Altona community and a retired educator. He began his career in a one-room country school in Kronsweide. He then moved to Altona and worked for the Rhineland/Border Land School Division for over 40 years, eleven years as Principal of West Park School.

Ben has been an active member in many professional and community organizations. He’s served on the executives of the local Manitoba Teachers’ Society and the Divisional Association of Principals, including terms as chair. He’s also served on the Altona Parks Board and the Board of the Manitoba Housing Coop in Altona.

In addition, he’s been an active member on the Altona sports scene. He has coached and managed minor baseball and softball teams and served on the Altona Minor Baseball executive. He helped coach and/or manage the Miller Aces Hockey team for 10 years. He’s been a valuable leader to a variety of groups and organizations which have helped grow and better his community.

Ben has served as an Access Credit Union board member for the past 11 years. As a member-owned organization, Access is responsible to its members to be fiscally sound and community conscious. Being part of the board, Ben can continue to help Access achieve these goals.

  Alvin Elias
  Region: Central
  Term: 2016-2019

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Alvin has been involved in farming for many years as well as buying, selling also rebuilding heavy equipment in the Morden area. He has had the privilege of playing in numerous different band configurations and has been nominated for several awards including Juno and Vibe.

He has also worked with MDS on Hurricane Opel Relief in Florida in 1995.

He believes he can represent the members of Access Credit Union and that is what attracted him to serve on the Access board. He believes that respecting the values of members and together moving forward will help build a strong financial institution.

  Jake Janzen
  Region: At-Large
  Term: 2017-2020

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Jake is semi-retired from a lifetime of farming. The majority of his time was spent as an owner and manager of a dairy farm in south-eastern Manitoba. Presently, he and his wife maintain a small beef herd as part of a hobby farm.

In his earlier years, Jake was actively involved in coaching and managing hockey teams in Grunthal. As his children grew up, he became involved with the local credit union as a director and later as chair. He spent the last 30 plus years with Grunthal Credit Union and then Community Credit Union.

Jake has always believed that a strong financial institution was the backbone of a vibrant community. His motto is “as director you are elected by the membership to be a guardian of the membership’s savings – that is your primary mandate.”

  Ray Kirk
  Region: West
  Term: 2016-2019

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Ray was a teacher in Western School Division for 34 years. He taught elementary and high school and served on a number of school committees during his teaching years. He was also involved in coaching high school and community sports teams.

Presently, Ray is serving on the board of the Morden Elks Park Place as Secretary; at the local Baseball Hall of Fame as chairperson; and at his church Parish Council in maintenance. He is a member of the Morden Elks and has held various positions, presently as treasurer.

Ray has always been interested in the workings of the credit union and enjoys being part of a well-rounded team that will ensure the continued growth of Access while meeting members’ needs and keeping community support and involvement strong. Being part of the various committees and boards, Ray has seen the importance of volunteerism and support to communities to ensure their vibrancy and growth.

  Jim Neufeld
  Region: Central
  Term: 2015-2018

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Jim has been the Administrator at C.W. Wiebe Medical Corporation for the past twelve years. He is responsible for leading a joint public-private venture to develop quality healthcare services for the community of Winkler and area. Prior to this, he managed Penner Foods, a leading Manitoba independent retail grocery firm, for 24 years.

Jim was drawn to the role of board member since it allows him the ability and responsibility to positively impact the development of the Access Credit Union communities he represents. His business management experience has instilled a strong corporate community responsibility that aligns with Access Credit Union’s values of integrity and community support to promote health and economic well-being.

  Phil Unruh
  Region: West
  Term: 2015-2018

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Phil is the Assistant Production Supervisor for Crop Inputs at Cargill Limited. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with a Major in Plant Science from the University of Manitoba and has spent his entire professional career with Cargill, working in many communities in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. His focus has been on grain production and grain handling.

Phil has been active in his local church as a Sunday school teacher and board member. He also enjoys singing in community and church choirs. Phil has served as a credit union board member since 2004 and is currently on the board executive and audit committees of Access Credit Union. Phil was drawn to the board because he was interested in working with a cooperative financial institution. He brings to the board practical business experience from several communities and different aspects of agriculture-based businesses.

Phil is committed to the well-being of the rural communities where he lives. Through his career in business, he has enhanced the financial and social health of small town western Canada.

  Sherry Woods
  Region: West
  Term: 2017-2020

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Sherry has worked in the Agriculture Industry for the past 20 years, working for 2 multi-national grain companies and 2 independents with the last three companies being start-ups who have grown to be very successful.

She has been on the town board for Elm Creek for the past five years. She is currently on the Curl for Cancer board in Carman, has been the fundraising coordinator for the Carman Skating Club and is a Committee member for the Local Urban District of Elm Creek.

She looks forward to the opportunity to bring her practical agriculture business experience to Access as well as to become more involved in her community. She has been a leader in the agricultural industry with three successful start-up companies leading them in customer service, technology as well as giving back to our communities.


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