Plan 24

Designed for members looking for an accessible Savings account, Plan 24 provides five free withdrawals a month and interest calculated on your closing daily balance, paid semi-annually. Regular service charges apply to all other items; $0.50 for each item that exceeds the 5 withdrawal limit.


  • No Monthly Fee
  • 5 Withdrawals included
  • Interest earned on closing daily balance and paid semi-annually
  • Unlimited deposits
  • Telephone and internet access

Transaction Fees Expand/Collapse

Withdrawal $0.50
Direct Payment $0.50
In-branch Deposits Free
Telephone and Online Banking Access Free
Interac ATM Transaction $1.50
US ATM Transaction $3.00
International ATM Transaction $3.00
Withdrawals include: over-the-counter withdrawals, transfers, debit card direct payment, CDN CU ATM electronic transactions, internet & telephone banking.
Plan 24 (Canadian Funds Only) (Rates effective 2020-06-04) Rates
All Funds 0.10%
Plan 24 - US Dollar (Rates effective 2020-06-04) Rates
All Funds 0.10%

Online BankingExpand/Collapse

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