The mobile app upgrade scheduled for June 21st is being delayed until further notice. More details to come.

An upgraded app in response to feedback

The great thing about a digital experience is the ability to continuously improve it. With your help, we’ve learned a thing or two since we launched our new digital banking experience in 2021.

Coming soon, your Access Credit Union mobile banking app will be updated with a fresh, clean look along with an intuitive interface that offers a smoother navigation experience.

If you have automatic app updates set up, your new app will be upgraded and ready to go on the upgrade day. If not, you will be prompted to install the app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Learn more about what’s coming:

  1. A few cool new features to look forward to

  2. The things you won’t need to worry about

  3. What if you need a little help?

The digital journey that got us here

In 2018, we were told our existing digital banking platform was being discontinued. We wouldn’t settle for less, so we partnered with four credit unions to find the best new digital banking solution for our members.

After years of research and testing, we worked with our technology partner to adapt award-winning global banking software with a focus on enhanced security and an empowering member experience.

In 2021, we launched our new digital banking experience. This upgrade was necessary to enhance security and introduce foundational technology needed to continue to build on the app’s functionality.

Following the initial learning curve for the new app, we listened to member feedback and worked with our technology partner to develop a cleaner interface and a more streamlined user experience.

And now we’re here!

Important: The one thing you need to do to prepare

Please have your username and password ready!

Biometric login information will not transfer over, so you will need to log in for the first time using your username and password. If you use "saved passwords" on your device, your Access Credit Union mobile app may carry over. However, we encourage all members who use digital banking to ensure they know their password in case it isn't saved on their device.

How to reset your password

You can reset your password using the “Forgot password?” option on the app login screen.

How to retrieve your username

If you forgot your username, you can also retrieve it from the app login screen by tapping "Forgot username?" 

A few cool new ​features to look forward to

easy navigation screenshot

Improved navigation

As an enhancement from the existing slide-out side menu, app navigation will feature an always-present menu at the bottom—similar to other mobile apps such as RBC and Tangerine.
refreshed look screenshot

Refreshed look

Aside from the new navigation and clean aesthetic look, the rest of the app functionality–such as completing transactions or changing settings–will remain unchanged from how it is.
account overview screenshot

Easy account views

Your primary account will be displayed on your account dashboard, and easy access to other accounts, balances, and transactions is just one or two taps away from any screen on the app.
cheque icon

Void cheques

You can download void Access-branded cheques for easy setup of direct deposits and pre-authorized debit transactions.
security icon

Enhanced security

Your security features will be upgraded with the latest technology to offer you enhanced protection while using the mobile app.
tablet icon

iOS iPad compatible 

The app will be compatible with Apple iPad, though other tablet users will continue to use in their web browser to access online banking.

The things you won’t need to worry about

Interac eTransfer®

No need to write down your contacts: all your eTransfer contacts, details, and settings will carry over to the new app.

Account settings

With the exception of your personalized background image, all your account settings will be the same in the new app.

Bill Payees + Payments

All your existing bill payees and scheduled bill payments will carry over to the upgraded mobile app.

What if you need a little help?

Dedicated support line

Beginning on the app upgrade day (TBD), we will have a dedicated phone line for app support. This will also open our other lines for members seeking regular support.

Increased support staff

Also beginning on the app upgrade day, we will have an expanded team of support staff to assist members with the app through our app support line.

Extended call hours

For a period after the app upgrade day, we will offer extended hours through our app support line. More info coming soon.
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