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Your Access Credit Union Board of Directors is excited to announce a merger with Noventis and Sunova Credit Unions.

Online voting took place January 25 to 27 and concluded at each organization’s Special Meeting of Members on January 27. At these meetings, a two-thirds majority vote in favour of amalgamating Access, Noventis and Sunova Credit Unions was announced. A two-thirds majority vote was needed, and we are pleased to share that the resolution was passed with the following results:

In favour

Access Credit Union


Noventis Credit Union


Sunova Credit Union


Effective July 1, 2022, we will become the NEW Access Credit Union. We will be a credit union that continues to focus on our members first. One that is future-focused, innovative, and strong; not only in our financials, but in our values, our people, and our communities.

Thank you to the members who participated in this important vote!

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