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The D.O.G

Meet The D.O.G. 
(Director of Greetings)

On your next visit to a branch, you may be greeted with a big slobbery kiss — it’s how our Director of Greetings (D.O.G. for short) likes to say hello.

Greeting members since 2007, our D.O.G. has a very important job here at Access Credit Union, including playing with junior members, napping, showing off his latest tricks, and of course, providing greeting slobbers when necessary.

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Meet Bill!

Bill is a true Canadian D.O.G., through and through. In fact, he was born on Canada Day.

Bill loves being a D.O.G. because he is always meeting new people and exploring Manitoba communities. Here are a few fun facts about Bill: 

  • He thinks he is a lap dog. If you sit on the ground beside him, he will try to sit in your lap.
  • He loves learning new tricks.
  • He has relatives in the Beethoven movies.

The D.O.G. Life

Tons of good-boy pets, afternoon naps, and a personal groomer? Hey, being a D.O.G. is pretty great. Not to mention all of the adoring fans.

Bill starts the day with breakfast at home, a quick grooming session, and a run around the yard. Then he gets ready to head out for the day – don’t forget the snacks!

Bill goes on about five visits a week and is only out for two to four hours a day, so he has lots of time to be a regular dog at home. You may find Bill at a branch, community event, or out doing random acts of kindness.

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