Access Credit Union is investing in the future of our planet.

Access Credit Union exists to inspire our members and communities with trusted financial solutions, now and for the future. 

When planning for the future—financially or otherwise—it’s more important than ever to consider the impacts we have on our environment and the role each of us can play in shaping the future of our planet.

Our Green Check initiative represents our continual commitment to become a more environmentally conscious credit union.

Access Credit Union embraces change and initiates opportunity. As a member-based organization, we are in a unique position to be a positive influence toward a greener tomorrow. With the courage to innovate and with the cooperation of our member community, we are already making a difference.

Our current efforts

Digital Banking

  • Online transactions in 2021 reduced carbon emissions by 1,387,311kg which is equal to 142 Canadian households

  • 2,368km of receipt paper was saved by completing transactions through digital banking


  • Our use of electronic documents in 2021 led to savings of

    • 4,717kg of wood

    • 140,020L of water

    • 771kg of waste

    • 11,158kg of carbon
  • Used secure email to coordinate paperwork with members to reduce branch visits and physical paper exchange

  • Reduced printed marketing material

  • Support environmental causes, such as the Green Action Centre

  • Donated $24,000.00 in 2021 to tree-planting initiatives and other organizations focused on protecting and rebuilding natural habitats

  • Offer a Green paperless account with free online and self-serve transactions

  • Accommodate and embrace a tele-commute workplace

  • Subsidize employee transit passes

  • Participate in the annual Commuter Challenge

  • Host Annual Shred Days in our communities (when safe to do so)

How you can help

Access Credit Union is made up of a membership of individuals who share similar values. Together, we are a community who cares and there is power in our numbers. By making some simple changes as individuals, we can make a big difference.

Switch to estatements

If each of our 90,000+ members switched to eStatements each month, we could reduce our annual carbon footprint by:

  • 6,828 KILOGRAMS of paper

  • 82.7 TONNES in carbon emissions

  • 604,152 LITRES of water

  • 3,996 KILOGRAMS of solid waste

Fortunately, almost 30,000 of our members have already switched to eStatements. The default for statement frequencies for paper and eStatements are as follows:

  • Chequing / savings accounts – Monthly statements
  • Investments – Quarterly statements
  • Borrowing – Annual statements

To turn off paper statements please contact us by:

More ways to help us go more green:

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