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Bank from home, on-the-go, in a branch, at anytime, from anywhere.

In a world where interaction and service has changed dramatically—and accessibility has never been more important—Access Credit Union is “Where you need us to be.”

Technology is playing an increasing role in every industry. From GPS on combines to self-driving cars, living in an increasingly mobile world means that members have many different ways to bank than they have in the past. Access Credit Union works hard to make sure that members have access to their banking when they need it - from every corner of the globe, from farm fields to backyards.

Check out our flexible options for accessing and managing your money how, and when, it suits you best.

Bank anywhere, anytime.

Where you need us to be—at home, on the go, right at your fingertips. We put the best available digital banking technology in your hands to be where you need us to be.

Contactless payment

Safe and easy ways to pay from Apple Pay, Google Pay, and online options.

Credit Card Options

Our Collabria credit card suite of products offers six different Mastercard solutions to suit your needs.

Plus, earn and redeem points on a variety of credit card products with FlexRewards.

Interac Debit®

Easy-to-use, convenient, and free with your membership, Interac Flash® makes every purchase effortless. Pay for everyday purchases quickly, securely and conveniently by simply holding your debit card in front of the reader at checkout. Or use your Access debit card at any ATM.

With your Interac Flash® Debit Card you get:
  • 24-hour access to your accounts
  • Free access at any Manitoba credit union ATM
  • Access at ATM machines throughout the world displaying any of these logos: Interac®, AccuLink®, Cirrus®, Maestro®
Visit your local branch to get your Access debit card today!

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers allow you to transfer funds electronically from your account to another person or entity, such as bank account, or through a transfer of cash at a cash office.

Foreign Currency Exchange

Foreign Currency faster than you can say Ausländische Zahlungsmittel. 

We are excited to announce that Access Credit Union has expanded the number of foreign currencies available for our members to order in branch. We’ve got you covered for your trip anywhere in the world.

  • Ideal for customers who frequently travel outside of Canada
  • Receive faster payment on foreign cheques (subject to certain conditions)
  • Receive competitive exchange rates

For a small fee, you can have the foreign currency you need delivered as quickly as within 3-4 business days,

Have lots of that foreign currency left over after your trip? Whether its bills or cheques, you can bring them back to your branch and sell it back to us.

There is no better feeling than having the right cash in your pocket before you even step onto the plane.

Talk to your local branch today about getting the foreign currency you need for your next trip abroad. Bon voyage!

Please Note: Delivery is unavailable at the following branches: 

- Donald 

- 1250 Portage

- Henderson 

- Starbuck 


No one wants to spend hours counting and recounting change. Save your time and visit one of our three branches with a QuickChange machine instead.

How does it work?
  1. Bring in your loose change to one of the three branches with a QC machine:
    • Beausejour
    • St. Mary’s
    • Winkler
  2. Dump your change into the machine and it will count it in seconds!
  3. Once your coins are sorted and counted, the machine prints out a receipt.
  4. Bring the receipt to one of our associates and they will either give you cash or deposit the total into your account.
Benefits of QuickChange
  • Saves you time and the hassle of having to roll your own coins
  • Accepts US coins and counts them at par
  • Puts money in your hands immediately
  • Convenient and easy to use

iTMs (Interactive Teller Machines)

Interactive Teller Machines combine the convenience of ATMs with the personal touch of interacting with a frontline teller. They're an interactive terminal that allows you the ability to perform a multitude of transactions either on your own, or with the live help of a virtual service representative that appears on the iTM's front screen.

Access Credit Union has the distinction of being the only financial institution in Manitoba to offer this service!

Hours (Central Time): 
Mon to Fri 8:30 - 6:00
Saturdays 8:30 - 4:00
What iTMs can do:
  • Cash deposits (CDN bills)
  • Cheque deposits (CDN and USD)
  • Cash withdrawals (CDN $50, $20, $10, $5 bills and change)
  • Transfers (within personal membership and to other Access members)
  • Payments (Bill, Loan, CRA)
  • Registered product deposits and withdrawals (existing variables only)
  • Update contact information
  • Troubleshooting (Online banking, telephone banking, debit card problems, etc.)
Branches with iTMs:
  • Gimli
  • Selkirk
  • Ashern
  • Fisher Branch
  • Lundar
  • Moosehorn
  • Riverton
  • Headingley
  • Starbuck
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