Wire Transfers

Wire transfers allow you to transfer funds electronically from your account to another person or entity, such as bank account, or through a transfer of cash at a cash office.

There are separate instructions for different scenarios, depending on where the wire is coming from and what currency is being wired. If the wire is to be initiated in a foreign currency please contact your branch for more information. Below are forms you can use to share wire instructions with the sender:

All incoming wires must include the full name, complete address, and account number for both the sender and the receiver of the wire.

Wires from within Canada

Incoming Wire Instructions within Canada (CAD)
Incoming Wire Instructions within Canada (USD)

International Wires

Incoming International Wire Instructions (CAD)
Incoming International Wire Instructions (USD)

Sending Wire Transfers

Outgoing Funds Transfer Request

More Information

  • While financial institutions in foreign countries (EUR & GB) may send wires in the currency of their countries, the wire will always be converted to Canadian dollars.

  • For currencies not listed, please contact us.

  • To ensure that the wire is processed as quickly as possible, advise the sender to record the details exactly on the form.

Route / Institution Number:


Branch Transit Numbers:

#91207 - Altona

#90357 - Carman

#61127 - Dominion City

#31567 - Emerson

#00067 - Gretna

#80077 - Grunthal

#40097 - Lowe Farm

#60657 - Manitou

#30577 - Miami

#20107 - Morden

#90977 - Morris

#15687 - Oak Bluff

#80127 - Plum Coulee

#31237 - Sanford

#60707 - Sprague

#80747 - Vita

#10207 - Winkler

#50047 - Donald

#50047 - Henderson

#93597 - McPhillips

#80937 - Pembina

#50047 - 1250 Portage

#25537 - Regent

#50047 - St. Anne's

#10967 - 3161 Portage

#63307 - Winnipeg Square

#44857 - AcceleRate

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