Access Credit Union Rewards Members with another Record-Breaking Cash Back Payout

Access Credit Union Rewards Members with another Record-Breaking Cash Back Payout

2022 Profit Sharing Yields $13.5 Million in Returns to Members

March 22, 2023, Manitoba — The Board of Directors of Access Credit Union have announced a $13.5 million cash return via their Member Rewards profit-sharing program to their members. This payout marks another record-breaking payout in Access’ history.

In July 2022, Access merged with Noventis Credit Union and Sunova Credit Union, promising to strongly emphasize retaining the patronage program within the amalgamated organization. After a $13.1 million payout in the spring of 2022, the increase in Access’ scale and success enabled the organization to deliver an impressive $13.5 million payout on March 22, 2023, based on 2022 overall growth.

“We are proud to be in a position where we are able to pay Member Rewards as a way of saying thank you to our loyal members,” shared Kevin Beresford, Board Chair. “This year marks the biggest payout in our history and fulfills our core commitment to strengthen our profit-sharing program.”

“We thank all of our members for continuing to place their trust in Access Credit Union,” said Larry Davey, President and CEO. “As we continue to grow, change, and evolve, we are very grateful for each and every one of our members and believe they should share in our profits.”

The Member Rewards program is the credit union’s way of showing appreciation to its members for their continued relationships and patronage. Because Access Credit Union is a cooperative, members are true owners of the organization and are eligible to share in the annual profits. After satisfying requirements for equity reserves, the Board of Directors may set aside a portion of earnings for members who have borrowed and saved at the credit union. The amount a member receives is based on interest earned on non-registered deposits and interest paid on lending products. For more information about Access Credit Union’s Member Rewards program, please visit


About Access Credit Union

Access Credit Union was incorporated in 2021 following a merger with Crosstown Civic Credit Union. In 2022, Access Credit Union merged with Noventis and Sunova Credit Unions to become the largest credit union in Manitoba with more than $10.7 billion in assets. With 52 branches spread across Manitoba, over 895 employees, and more than 175,000 members, Access Credit Union continues to be a financial institution that puts its members first. For more information about Access Credit Union, visit


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Dawn Borges

VP, Marketing and Communications


Wednesday | March 22, 09:45 AM
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