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Introducing your new Access Credit Union debit card

As legacy Crosstown Civic and Access Credit Union cards expire, the new rebranded debit cards will be sent as replacements. You may have already received your new card in the mail.

Here’s what you can expect:

Practical vertical design
Debit cards were originally designed with a landscape (horizontal) layout and embossed numbers because of how they were used: they were swiped horizontally through machines, and the raised numbers were printed onto sales vouchers (if you’re old enough to remember those days).

But we don’t use those machines or methods anymore. When you think about it, a landscape card layout is irrelevant.
Today, when we make a point-of-sale purchase or use an ATM, we stick our chip in, slide the card in, or tap it for contactless payment. All these are vertical-orientated actions. Even our phones are displayed in portrait (vertical) orientation.

It makes sense that our new debit cards should be designed for how we actually use them today.

We are excited to be the first credit union in Manitoba to pilot a vertically designed debit card. We’ve incorporated the new Access Credit Union brand design to ensure a fresh, recognizable identity that balances both traditional and modern elements.

Clean personalization
The raised embossing on cards is a thing of the past and no longer needed for those outdated sales vouchers. We’ve moved on to a sleek, clean, smooth card with personalization printed right into the card’s design. No longer will your card get trapped or stuck on that bumpy embossing in a tight wallet slot—a quick draw is the name of the game!

Durable material
In all industries and sectors, materials evolve and change to accommodate new technology and specification requirements.
These new cards are produced on the same plastic material used for all other financial institutions and fit easily into standard pocket wallets and mobile card wallets affixed right on the back of your phone.

If you have any questions about your new Access Credit Union debit card, please don’t hesitate to contact the Member Solutions Centre at 1.800.264.2926.
Thursday | January 14, 10:21 AM
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