Access CU fulfills commitment for better member experience and cyber security

Launches industry-leading digital banking experience three years in the making

Manitoba—Completing a successful merger, full company rebrand, database integration, and banking platform upgrade is no easy task—especially within a six-month period during a global pandemic. Access Credit Union persisted through all these challenges and more to deliver a promise made to their members for a better member experience and enhanced cyber security.

The timing couldn’t be more relevant, as COVID-19 restrictions forced many of us home, changing the way we live our lives—including how we manage our finances through day-to-day banking. Access Credit Union has launched a new digital banking experience designed to solve two of their members’ biggest challenges: technically simple and cyber secure.

“When Access Credit Union merged with Crosstown Civic Credit Union on January 1st, 2021, we founded a new credit union and shaped a new brand with a promise to be ‘where you need us to be,’” says Access Chief Executive Officer Larry Davey. “The introduction of our new digital experience empowers our members with convenient control over their finances and allows them to connect with Access however and wherever they are most comfortable.”

More than three years ago, Access Credit Union was informed that their existing online banking platform would no longer be supported and no further enhancements would be made.

With a focus on enhanced security and a streamlined member experience, Access joined four other partner credit unions in the journey to find a digital banking solution that would empower their members to have convenient control over their finances.

“As a cooperative, our goal is to support all credit union members—beyond our own institution—by providing secure banking systems, easy access to funds, and a cyber-secure experience,” says Davey.

Years of research and rigorous testing determined that Celero Xpress™️—an innovative solution built off award-winning global digital banking software ebankIT by Canadian solutions integrator Celero—had the features and functionality required to innovate ahead of the curve in an increasingly digital world.

“Our primary focus from day one has been on member experience and member security,” says Myrna Wiebe, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer. “We needed a resounding yes when we asked if a) it was easy to use and b) if it was secure. This platform checked those boxes in spades.”

Access Credit Union has been directly involved in shaping the functionality and features of the Xpress platform in the best interest of their members. To make this transition a success, the partner credit unions unified in a collaborative effort and shared information, learned lessons from each other’s experiences, and participated in each other’s platform rollout.

As Access’ new website notes, “no worthwhile transformation happens without some growing pains.” Throughout this immense growth process, Access is committed to being where members need them to ensure as smooth a transition as possible by bringing in additional resources to support their members both in-branch and via phone, email, and chat. And they won’t stop there; Access will continue to build on the platform to provide new features while bringing back some old favourites.

Thursday | June 17, 03:48 PM
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