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Collabria Portfolio Integrations

ATTENTION: Noventis credit cardholders

You may have received a new Noventis-branded card the week of August 7 with an insert stating the card is to replace a manufacturer’s defect. Please note that you will still be receiving a replacement Access-branded card as per our migration project noted on this page. When your Access card is received, please activate it and destroy all Noventis-branded cards.

Collabria Account Merger

Collabria will be replacing all Noventis-issued Collabria credit cards with Access cards starting August 2023. Members will be asked to activate their new Access credit card as soon as it is received and will no longer be able to use the Noventis credit card upon activation of the Access card. Members’ Noventis credit card accounts will be closed on October 14, after which they will no longer be able to use their Noventis card.

​Please check out the FAQs below. More information will also be sent to you from Collabria Cardholder Services.

QUICK TIP: Print and/or review your credit card statements from June to August to ensure you've noted any recurring bill payments. Once your new card is activated, you'll need to update the card information with the service provider.
Please see the below schedule for when your legacy card will be integrated to the Access CU portfolio:

Originating Credit Union Communications from Collabria
Old Cards Deactivated
(new cards must be activated)
After July 19, 2023
Access cards will be issued in August + September 2023
October 14, 2023
Casera March 2024 April 2024
Incl. North Winnipeg
March 2024 April 2024
Sometime in 2024
Details to follow
Sometime in 2024
Details to follow

At the time of portfolio integration noted above, Collabria will replace all legacy credit union-branded cards with new Access-branded cards.
Please rest assured that your new card will arrive well in advance of the old card’s deactivation.
Noventis, Carpathia, Casera, North Winnipeg, and Sunova credit cardholders will continue to log into the existing MyCardInfo sites for these brands until otherwise specified. You can access all login sites here.

Once we have integrated the credit card portfolios, all members will login to the Access MyCardInfo site.
All new card applications should be processed via the Access microsite. The Noventis microsite is no longer available to use for credit card applications.
At time of portfolio migrations between legacy credit unions and Access CU, all outstanding balances and points will be transferred to your new card. Your historical record for e-statements will not be available once your new Access credit card is activated. If you require these, please download them with your existing MyCardInfo access before activating your new card. These details are summarized in the letter and communications received from Collabria Cardholder Services prior to portfolio merge dates.
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