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Are you a legacy Access Credit Union member?

Follow the link below to learn how statement changes impact you.

As part of the legacy Noventis banking system integration, Access Credit Union will be transitioning to something called “Relational Statements”. That means the information presented on your one statement is inclusive and personalized to you, the member, and therefore, based on accounts in which you have an ownership role, including any joint accounts you may be a part of.

Though many of the changes to Access Credit Union statement are already in place for legacy Noventis members, we encourage all members to read the following so you can better understand your banking statements. 

How You Will Receive Your Statement 


e-Statement Option 

If you currently have at least one statement set to view via ‘e-Statement Only’, the entirety of your new relational statement will only be available to view on online banking. No statements will be printed and mailed.   

On November 20, all members under the age of 59 with personal accounts and  access to online banking, will automatically be switched to receiving their statement via online banking only. 


Print & Mail Option  

If you currently have all of your statements set to receive a printed statement and do not have access to online banking, your statement will continue to be mailed to your home on a monthly basis. 


When You Will Receive Your Statement  


If you are a legacy Noventis member, you are already on a month-end cycle. Here is a schedule of when you will receive your last Noventis branded statement and when you will receive your new Access Credit Union branded statement: 


  • October 1 – 31 (Last current statement model)
  • November 1 – 30 (Your new Access branded statement) 


How to Read Your New Statement  


Download the PDFs below for a snapshot of the new Access Credit Union statements and how to read them.

>>Personal Members

>>Business Members

Statement Benefits 


There are a lot of important benefits to our new statements. Here are a few of them:  

  • Each member will receive one monthly statement with a summary of all accounts they have an ownership role on, reducing the number of statements required for each member. 

  • Relational statements are much easier to read and understand because they only contain accounts, investments, and products that you are an owner (or joint owner) of. 
  • A spousal indicator and contributor name will now display on registered spousal plan accounts.

  • A new and improved account summary page will list account names and balances separately, making it easier for you to understand your monthly banking history.

Have a question about your statements? 

If you have a question or concern, please reach out to your local branch or contact the Member Solutions Centre at 1.800.264.2926.

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